i love home :) after a stressful months of thesis, which is actually our fault, why we’re so stress. Our thesis is an android app entitled “Philippines’ 8 major dialect translator”. So basically, it just translate the 8 major dialect of the Philippines. 

 Anyway, I finally got to stay at home for a long weekend. Currently watching the lord of the rings. didn’t know that it’s almost 4 hours. lol guess, i’m up all night. loljk. i’ll sleep. i need it. 

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Yo! Finally ceated an ig acct. Follow me @kirsteyoraa

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-feeling happy and blessed. And cute :3

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Life is hard when no one loves you

Good thing, I love myself.





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                     We're Revolutionaries. 
Luffy's a good guy, ain't he? He hasn't changed a bit.

This deserves a reblog <3 <3 <3

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